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Services from Conveh

Where Precision Meets Innovation.


Transform your transport operations with our comprehensive fleet management solution covering cabs, buses, trucks, and ships. Experience unmatched precision with one-second accurate ETA predictions, ensuring optimal planning and satisfaction. Track your fleet in real-time, record events seamlessly, and optimize assignments dynamically for enhanced efficiency. Elevate driver performance with insightful analytics, fostering safety and excellence. We can realize your dream of streamlined logistics. Trust us to navigate your fleet to success, delivering innovation and reliability at every turn.


Facilitate seamless connectivity between trucks and ships for timely operations, minimizing wait times and late arrivals. Our solution reduces both time and cost inefficiencies, ensuring a more straightforward and cost-effective approach to port operations. By streamlining logistics with practical connectivity, we aim to enhance overall efficiency in a pragmatic manner, addressing key challenges in maritime transportation. Embrace a solution that optimizes processes without unnecessary complexity, allowing for smoother and more economical operations.


Through an interdisciplinary approach encompassing sophisticated engineering and artificial intelligence Conveh stands at the forefront of AI innovation for the modern battlefield. Leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions, we specialize in developing and implementing advanced systems that enhance military capabilities across various domains. Our expertise spans improving situational awareness, identification of threats, predictive threat analysis, strategic decision-making
support, and cyber defense. Committed to staying ahead of evolving threats, we empower defense forces with adaptive and intelligent solutions that optimize operational efficiency, improve situational awareness, and ultimately safeguard national security.


Enhance your commitment to environmental stewardship through our Pollution Monitoring and Modeling system, delivering unparalleled hyperlocal precision. Harnessing advanced AI capabilities, this system precisely identifies pollution sources and predicts trends, enabling well-informed decisions based on real-time data. Our system illuminates hyperlocal pollution, providing a detailed understanding at the local and personal levels—revealing the origins, sources, and impacts of pollution. We bring air pollution into focus, making it visible and measurable on an unprecedented scale and scope. Embrace a sustainable future by leveraging actionable insights that promote a cleaner planet through data-driven pollution management.

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