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Our Work

At CONVEH, we are passionate about deep tech research and development. Our team of experts is always working on cutting-edge projects that are poised to change the world


Leveraging GNSS Data and Sensor Fusion for Object Tracking

  • We track on land by, integration of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data with sensor fusion techniques. By combining GNSS data with sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes found in standard handsets, fleet operators can gain unprecedented insights into their operations, leading to enhanced safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Our underwater tracking involves the development of advanced algorithms that estimate the direction of approach. We seamlessly integrate triangulation techniques to precisely pinpoint the origin of sound within a three-dimensional space.

  • We are developing algorithm for stereo-vision to give three dimensional ranging capabilities in aerial object identification and tracking.


Low RCS flying object detection system

  • In contemporary warfare scenarios, the proliferation of low-cost drones poses a
    significant challenge due to their potential exploitation of asymmetric advantages.

  • Here we explore the imperative for the creation of innovative technological frameworks tailored to neutralize the asymmetric advantages conferred by low-cost drones.

Radar system


AI based Fast Object Detection

Developing high-accuracy AI algorithms to swiftly detect and identify fast-moving objects in mission-critical scenarios, ensuring precision and reliability in dynamic environments. 


Social Media Listening

We offer social media listening, goes beyond monitoring. It involves a deeper analysis of the context, sentiment, and underlying emotions expressed in social media conversations. It seeks to understand the broader trends, behaviors, and insights by analyzing the tone, language, and patterns within the discussions. We create a robust and reliable system of listening, reporting and analysis to achieve actionable decisions, communication and activation, through data driven intelligence obtained.

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