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Positioning Services

Conveh is a leading provider of Positioning Services as part of its PNT Service Offering. The company's expertise in this area is based on a range of cutting-edge technologies that enable highly accurate positioning of people, vehicles, and assets, regardless of location or environmental conditions.

Precision positioning for the modern world

Conveh’s Positioning Services rely on a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to provide dependable and precise location information, utilizing signals from a network of orbiting satellites. With sub-meter accuracy, the system is versatile and suitable for a range of purposes, such as logistics, transportation, and emergency services.

To augment the reliability and accuracy of the Positioning Services, Conveh incorporates additional technologies such as Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). By utilizing accelerometers and gyroscopes, INS tracks objects' movements in 3D space, even when GPS signals are absent or interrupted. This technology is particularly useful in settings where GNSS signals may be obscured, such as indoor or urban environments.

Conveh also uses Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning, which combines advanced algorithms and reference stations on the ground to correct GNSS signal errors, resulting in even greater accuracy and precision.

To ensure its Positioning Services are adaptable to different applications, Conveh offers a range of hardware and software solutions, including ruggedized GPS receivers, antennas, and data logging devices, along with powerful data analysis and visualization tools. These tools enable users to access and analyze location data in real-time quickly and efficiently.

Regardless of the purpose, whether it's for logistics, transportation, emergency services, or any other application requiring accurate and reliable positioning, Conveh's Positioning Services deliver top-notch accuracy and precision. Users can utilize the data to make informed decisions and optimize their operations for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Contact us for research or business inquiries. Conveh is also looking for University and Business Partners across the globe. 

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