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Geolocation Services

Geolocation Services is a critical component of the Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) industry. Conveh's Geolocation Services provide our clients with precise, real-time location data and valuable insights, giving them the tools, they need to make informed decisions. Our Geolocation Services are designed to cater to a wide range of industries, including defense, tele-communications, transportation, agriculture, energy, and more.

Unleashing the power of location

Our cutting-edge Geolocation Services utilize advanced technology to track and locate people and objects with unparalleled accuracy in real-time. By employing sophisticated algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, we can analyze and interpret data, delivering valuable insights that empower our clients to make informed decisions.

Our Geolocation Services are highly adaptable, allowing us to customize solutions to suit the specific needs of our clients across a range of industries and use cases. These include geofencing, fleet tracking, asset management, emergency response, and more.

At Conveh, we recognize the importance of data security and privacy. Our Geolocation Services comply with all relevant data security and privacy regulations, always ensuring the safety and security of our clients’ data.

Contact us for research or business inquiries. Conveh is also looking for University and Business Partners across the globe. 

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